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Wishing Special Effects Makeup Legend Tom Savini a Speedy Recovery



Wishing Special Effects Makeup Legend Tom Savini a Speedy Recovery

If you love horror, you love Tom Savini. The man is the patron saint of blood and guts. He has, countless times, elevated special effects makeup into something sublime. Friday the 13thDay of the DeadManiacCreepshowTexas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The genre would not be what it is today if not for the makeup effects work of Tom Savini.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of America’s war in Vietnam is Savini’s eye for realistic gore effects.

And now, per his own Instagram post, the poor guy is recovering from being hit by a car on his bike. Folks, can a legend simply ride his bike in peace? Must we ruin everything and crash into genre luminaries with our cars?


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Shouts out to the Pittsburgh Police Department and the EMT team who responded to the incident. UPMC Presbyterian? You better do a damn good job helping Tom get better.

If you found Tom Savini lying on the side of the road bleeding out, would you believe it? Or would you just think it’s one of his wacky special effects? The guy created the most convincing blood and guts effects of all time. He’s an artist. Picasso. Van Gogh. Savini.

Let’s all focus our positive intentions for the day to wish Tom Savini a speedy recovery. He’s already had to cancel an appearance at one convention. Let’s pray he’s back at it regaling crowds with tales of yore.

We love you Tom, get well soon.

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