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‘Wolf Cop’ Director Lowell Dean’s Post-Apocalyptic Horror ‘SuperGrid’ Hits Theatres Next Week



'Wolf Cop' Director Lowell Dean's Post-Apocalyptic Horror 'SuperGrid' Hits Theatres Next Week

Wolf Cop and Another WolfCop Director Lowell Dean‘s new post-apocalyptic horror flick SuperGrid is set to open in multiple theatres in Canada next week, and we have full details about its release for you below.

From the creators of WolfCop, and Another WolfCop, comes SuperGrid, the story of two estranged brothers, Jesse (Leo Fafard) and Deke (Marshall Williams) who must travel the notorious “Grid” to collect and deliver a mysterious cargo. The Grid is a highway running through post-apocalyptic Central Canada from the US Border to the Northwest Territories.

Synopsis: “Facing off with road pirates and car jackers, the brothers miss their drop-off and unleash a violent showdown with the crime syndicate at Black Lake, the last refuge of hope on the Grid.”

Directed by Lowell Dean, written by T.R. McCauley & Justin Ludwig, and produced by Hugh Patterson and Trinni Franke. The film was shot in Saskatchewan and made with the assistance of NSI Features First, Telefilm Canada, Super Channel and Creative Saskatchewan. Canadian distribution is handled by Raven Banner Releasing.

Theatrical Opening in Canada – December 14: Toronto – Carlton Cinema – one week engagement. Calgary – Globe Cinema – two week engagement. Ottawa – Mayfair Theatre – one week engagement.

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