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‘Wolf Creek 3’ Director Rachele Wiggins Says it’s “Definitely Happening”



'Wolf Creek 3' Director Rachele Wiggins Says it's "Definitely Happening"

John Jarratt is set to reprise his role of the Australian serial killer Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek 3, with Rachele Wiggins in the directing chair on the third installment. Since our last update on the project 11 months ago, we now have further confirmation from Wiggins herself that the film is definitely happening. Continue reading for the full update.

While answering a question on her Instagram account regarding Wolf Creek 3, Wiggins responded with the following confirmation that:

Wolf Creek 3 is definitely happening. I have been working on a few project so you may just be seeing some of them appearing on IMDb as they announce. Yes there will be blood.

Wolf Creek 3 begins when:

“An American family takes a dream trip to the Australian outback and soon draws the attention of notorious serial killer Mick Taylor. A hellish nightmare ensues as the couple’s two children escape only to be hunted by Australia’s most infamous killer.”

McLean had the following to say about the film last year:

Serial killing pig shooter Mick Taylor — portrayed by the iconic Australian actor John Jarratt — will once more terrorise the Outback. And we couldn’t be more excited about the creative team we’ve assembled to realise tπhe next chilling chapter in the Wolf Creek franchise. Duncan’s compelling, suspense-filled script combined with Rachele’s exciting directorial vision for the film will deliver a horror roller-coaster ride sure to delight genre fans around the world.

Are you still hyped for Wolf Creek 3? What about the return of John Jarratt as Mick Taylor? You can share your comments with us down in our Disqus section below this article.

We also have a possible image of the filming location for Wolf Creek 3 below.


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