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Fantastic Fest Exclusive Review: ‘Lamb’ is Unsettlingly Heartfelt and Beautiful



On Saturday, September 25th I was fortunate enough to attend a press screening for A24’s latest film outing. I’d like to start by saying that this film fits right in to A24’s collection of unique and captivatingly odd films.

Lamb follows a couple working on a farm when a unique lamb is born. That’s about as much description and I care to give on this film. It should go without saying at this point for A24 but I feel for this film it’s especially important to say: go in absolutely blind. Don’t watch a trailer, don’t look things up, don’t even look at the film’s description. If you’re an A24 fan, you’re gonna love this weird-ass, heartfelt, and beautiful film.

The film is beautiful from the acting to the camera work to the writing. It reels audiences in with an odd and intriguing hook and keeps you in with the film’s beautiful wide open plains of a setting, the care written and directed for the characters, and constant question of “what’s going to happen”. What makes that last part so true is that despite the films heartfelt and caring presence, it still carries an eerie and unsettling feeling with it. Many moments made me tense up, widen my eyes, and say “what the hell?”.

Lamb 2021 Image

The openness of the setting really shows through in the camera work, it all feels so never ending and broad, which isolates you more in an unnerving never ending field of what feels to be an odd dream.

But hey, that’s certainly not a bad thing.

I’d love to say more on Lamb but… it really is more fun if you go in as blind as possible!

Lamb will be releasing in theaters October 8th, 2021. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@JacobAtTheMovie) for more reviews and discussions on horror films.

Lamb 2021 Poster