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Review: ‘Attack of the Unknown’ Really Hits the Mark on the Idea of Fun B-Movies



Review: 'Attack of the Unknown' Really Hits the Mark on the Idea of Fun B-Movies

As some of my readers may know I am always interested to look into every nook and cranny of the horror genre no matter the sub-genre it identifies as, psychological, artistic, slasher, you name it. Of course with this, the ever beloved classic sci-fi is no different.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to check out the new film from producer Sonny Mahal, Attack of the Unknown and who would I be to turn down a screening of a fun sci-fi horror from some nice indie folks. So without further ado lets unpack the indie sci-fi blast that is Attack of the Unknown.

This film really hits the mark on the idea of fun B-movies. It felt like the classic popcorn flick you’d see with a date to a summer blockbuster. The wide landscaping of a city in distress really brought you in view of a world facing horrors from beyond space, and the plot following a special ops group trying to detain an up and coming crime boss when all hell breaks loose just feels right out of an old school action flick.

Attack of the Unknown 2020 Still

There isn’t too much I can say without going super into details and spoiling things for those who haven’t caught this one yet but I will say, the big standout here is the effects and acting. Everyone really brings it to the character keeping you in this world until the credits roll. The effects were a solid mix of CGI and practical effects. Some of the CGI was a tad noticeable, but that isn’t much to worry about when actual alien suits are made practically for the titular “unknown” visitors.

The film overall is a really fun ride and reminiscent of the traditional summer blockbuster with a niche indie feel that’s hard to find in the sci-fi/action/horror arena. So if you like the sound of that, check out Attack of the Unknown.

Attack of the Unknown is available on all major VOD platforms now.