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Review: ‘Be My Cat: A Film For Anne’ Gets into Your Psyche and Plays With Your Mind



Review: 'Be My Cat: A Film For Anne' Gets into Your Psyche and Plays With Your Mind

There are super fans and then there is Adrian Tofei. Be My Cat: A Film For Anne is an adorably disturbing found footage film released in 2015. Directed by the main character himself, Adrian Tofei. This is an English spoken Romanian film, the first of its kind. It is probably the most well received movie you will find of my “disturbing movies” reviews.

Be My Cat follows an aspiring filmmaker. Adrian is trying to convince Anne Hathaway to be in his film and decides to do so with a series of videos. We find out pretty quickly that Adrian is a little unhinged. Under the guise of “making a movie”, he puts out a casting call for actresses online and murders them. All while addressing the camera as “Anne”, as if he is talking directly to her.

The film has been nominated for, and won, a number of awards. With an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s no question that this is a good movie. Tofei was almost a one man crew. With a budget of $10,000, you can scan the credits of the movie and Tofei’s name over and over, and mostly alone. Tofei has a very unique directing style. With this movie in particular, he shot around 25 hours of footage and pieced the story together afterward. He rarely does a retake because he believes the first take is the most genuine. Even though there was only 25 hours of footage, Tofei worked on this film and character for five years. He has an impressive background in method acting training and I’d say it paid off.

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Is the movie disturbing? While it doesn’t have very much gore, likely due to the low budget and inexperience of the director, it makes your skin crawl. The character Adrian is often referred to as a modern day Norman Bates. He’s so goofy and always smiling. You wouldn’t picture him as a guy that’s murdering actresses because he’s so in love with Anne Hathaway. Because of the “meta” nature of the movie, the crew does an amazing job at blurring the lines of fantasy and reality. At one point, one of the actresses calls the police. Although this was in the movie, this was the actual actress calling the police because she genuinely believed she was in danger. As stated before, this is a Romanian movie but the character Adrian demands everyone speak in English because Anne doesn’t speak Romanian. Tofei would meet the actresses as they arrived and immediately had the camera rolling. We see these meetings. He was entirely submerged into character. In order to keep a safe line of communication opened, Tofei had a :safe word”. If things got to be too much, they would drop the English and start speaking in Romanian. Which, we also see in the film.

So, because of that blur in reality, we get something better than excessive gore. We almost relate to Adrian more than we do the actresses. We know him on a personal level and he’s so nerdy, you almost root for him to get the girl in the end. Tofei said that horror movies are a mirrored reflection of ourselves and makes us recognize our own subconscious impulses, giving us more control over them. He really displays that with this movie.

Be My Cat gets into your psyche and plays with your mind. You know you should feel badly for the actresses but you just don’t. You know you’re supposed to dislike Adrian, but how can you? He’s such a likable character! We don’t like to see that side of ourselves and that’s why this movie makes onto the disturbing movies list. The important question here is, what does Anne Hathaway think about this?



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