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Review: ClownTown is Genuinely Creepy and Disturbing



Review: ClownTown is Genuinely Creepy and Disturbing

ClownTown starts with two killings by our villains off camera, making you wait for the reveal of the unknown terror to come. The first 8 minutes of the film are a mystery, involving a babysitter, two children, and one bloody murder. From the get go there are hints of Clowns, from a hanging doll, to a red nose rolling down the stairs. One of the children is put to bed, but he’s soon up and about, reappearing on screen dressed in a clown costume. As I said, the opening is a complete mystery, which will be explained later in the film.

Years later, a group of friends brake down in a small deserted town and find themselves being stalked by a gang of violent clown psychopaths, with nothing but slaughtering innocent victims on their minds. If you thought the Clowns in Rob Zombie’s 31 were messed up, wait until you see some of the mad shit that goes down in ClownTown. They can move quick, they kill slow, and they like to play games, which adds so much tension throughout the film.

One one of my favourite character is Frank played by (Greg Violand), an old hobo who hides out inside a building attached to the towns junk yard. He tells a haunting story of the Clowns who have now taken over the town, and it somehow links to the family in the mystery opening scene, but you’ll have to watch the film to find out for yourself.


Let’s talk about the make-up effects, which could make or brake a horror film. Well, I can tell you this much, ClownTown has enough good moments where the blood starts to flow, but a lot of it takes place in darkness. It’s not a perfect film by any means, but it does deserves some respect for its efforts.

ClownTown director Tom Nagel did a great job showing off certain scenes, the Clowns shots were very effective and intimidating. The film features some great lighting effects, with an eerie blue tone to accompany the jump scares. I felt shivers while watching the film, kinda gave me a cold freezing feeling as I watched each scene go by. Talking about jump scares, look out for those great moments with Clowns popping up from the darkness out of nowhere.

I have to congratulate the cast, Brian Nagel, Lauren Compton, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene, and Jeff Denton, who were all great young talents. I thought the Clown performances by Alan Tuskes, Beki Ingram, Ryan Pilz, Machete Clown, and David Greathouse were genuinely creepy and disturbing. Clown Town has been left open for a possible sequel in the future, so we could be seeing more of these crazy Clowns at some point.



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