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Review: ‘Deadgirl’ is a Simple Little Movie That is Exactly What it Describes Itself to Be



Review: 'Deadgirl' is a Simple Little Movie That is Exactly What it Describes Itself to Be

Tired of the same old zombie flicks? Check out Deadgirl! Revered as a black comedy horror, Deadgirl (2008) is the first feature film of Hollywoodmade. It has a fresh take on the zombie film franchise and is unique in that we only have ‘one’ zombie for the duration of the film.

Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and J.T. (Noah Segan) are skipping class to do what high schoolers do when they skip class. They go down to their local abandoned asylum to drink beers and vandalize. While there, they discover a secret room in the basement and are surprised to find a girl chained down in the sealed off basement. J.T. sees this as an opportunity to have some fun. Rickie leaves J.T. up to his own devices and is coerced to comeback the next day. J.T. then reveals that he has tried to kill the girl multiple times and she can’t die. J.T. decides to keep her as a type of sex slave.

While the premise of the film is unique and it’s supposed to be a type of coming of age story, I wouldn’t call it “good”. The acting is okay, the cinematography is okay, but the characters and the concept are very far fetched. None of the characters are likeable. The only comedy that I personally experienced was believing that these were real people with real motives.

The general theme of the movie is quite disturbing. We are talking about rape and necrophilia, here. It can be a hard watch during some parts of the film. The film has even been accused of being misogynistic which can be obvious. It is a simple little movie that is exactly what it describes itself to be. You will not get answers here. The most interesting parts of the story, like the main characters themselves, why they are the way they are, and most importantly, the origin of the dead girl, will not be answered.

Deadgirl is one of those movies that you watch once and once is enough. Not because of the disturbing content, but because it can be extremely underwhelming. I’d say if you’re looking to just throw on a movie without putting too much thought into what it is and you also happen to enjoy the torture porn genre, give it a try. It certainly is…something.



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