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Review: ‘Eden Lake’ Will Leave You Reconsidering Your Trip to the Lakeside and Possibly Parenthood



Review: 'Eden Lake' Will Leave You Reconsidering Your Trip to the Lakeside and Possibly Parenthood

Take a trip with me down to Eden Lake. Released in 2008, Eden Lake is a British horror movie directed by James Watkins with Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender as lead roles. This film leaves nothing to be desired and is a very intense ride all the way through. It will leave you reconsidering your trip to the lakeside and possibly parenthood.

Steve (Fassbender) is taking his girlfriend Jenny (Reilly) to a remote lake for a little couples retreat. They encounter a group of kids that are obviously up to no good. The situation with the kids continues to escalate until it turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse. These are two adults against a bunch of kids. How dangerous could it be? Well…

These kids are out for blood. After stealing the couple’s vehicle and being confronted, this quickly turns into a knife fight. During the struggle between Steve and the “leader” Brett (Jack O’Connell), Brett’s dog is mortally wounded. This is enough to send Brett over the edge and the intensity of the film is immediately ramped up from here.

Eden Lake Kids

The theme of this movie is “mob mentality”. We see it a few times in different places and I believe the message is quite clear. There is also a theme of classism and is reportedly comparable to gang violence in modern day England. This survival horror will have no problem keeping your attention. While you do have to suspend some disbelief, you quickly forget to focus on the typical logical reasoning that you try to have with other movies because of the intensity. With that being said, this film is not for the faint of heart. We see a few disturbing scenes here including an animal killing (not real), a child being burned alive, and plenty of torture and gore.

Eden Lake is a great film to get your feet wet into the genre of “disturbing movies”. It isn’t so damaging that it will leave psychological scars, but it is engaging enough with its stories and its disturbing themes that it will leave you feeling something by the end of it. The movie is very well made and the acting, especially by the kids, is absolutely superb. I would highly recommend this one to veterans of the torture porn genre or those who like their horror movies a little more vanilla. This film is an experience all on its own and deserves at least one viewing in your lifetime.



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