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Review: Gerald’s Game is One of the Best Stephen King Adaptions Ever Made



Gerald's Game

When Jessie and her husband Gerald spend a romantic weekend in an isolated lake house a sex game goes awry. Gerald dies of a heart attack after handcuffing Jessie to their bed. She’s forced to survive dehydration, a hungry dog and the tricks her own mind begins to play on her.

It’s one of the best Stephen King adaptions ever made. The cast, particularly leads Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood give exceptional performances as the unlucky couple. “Twin Peaks” and Addams Family star Carel Struycken is also fantastic as the “Moonlight Man”, a vision entity that appears to represent Death but is later revealed to have an even more sinister purpose.

The film is a mix of 2010’s Buried and King’s other brilliant work Dolores Claiborne. While contemplating her impending death Jessie has flashbacks to her abusive childhood, choosing to spend her remaining time alive coming to terms with the unresolved horrors in her life.

Gerald's Game Still

Fans of King will recognise his usual tropes of fragmented, unreliable memory, monstrous father figures and antagonistic canines.

The visuals are gorgeous, especially in the third act. The story goes in wonderfully unexpected directions. In particular the creepy shocker of an ending elevates the film, making it one of 2017’s best horrors.

At it’s heart the film is a story of feminine courage, surviving past traumas and facing death. It manages to be uplifting, extremely tense, grisly, nightmarish and full of dread without ever feeling like a jumbled mess tone wise.

Everyone behind and in front of the camera deserves praise for this movie. It left me feeling emotionally moved while also compelling me to turn all the lights on.



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