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Review: Leprechaun Returns is a Great Horror Throwback, Full of Fun Blood and Guts



Review: Leprechaun Returns is a Great Horror Throwback, Full of Fun Blood and Guts

Leprechaun (1993) has a special place in my heart. I adore it’s mixture of grisly violence, cartoonish silliness and magical fantasy. It’s a bit like a gory version of Harry Potter. Part of what made this movie and it’s increasingly ridiculous sequels so watchable was the central performance by Warwick Davis.

So I was apprehensive at the idea of the little green monster being recast. Can newcomer Linden Porco pull off a performance that is both menacing and comical? The answer is yes. He does a fantastic job at making the role his own.

Porco already has some experience in the genre. He was the body double for everyone’s favourite killer doll in the brilliantly mind bending Cult of Chucky. As the Leprechaun he brings buckets of charisma and gleeful sadism.

Leprechaun Returns Photo

Another reason why I love the original is the memorable band of characters who must come together to defeat the Leprechaun. Ozzie is the most interesting one amongst them. So it’s great to see Mark Holton reprise the role 25 years later. This is not just a short cameo either. Ozzie plays a key part in aiding the numerous teens as they find themselves trapped on the same property from the original film.

Compared to the other sequels Leprechaun Returns is much better at matching the tone of the first instalment. It has that same blend of creepiness, gruesomeness and dumb humour. There is also a reference to the Crichton Leprechaun viral video which was a nice touch.

Leprechaun Returns is a great horror throwback, full of fun blood and guts practical effects. It continues and expands on the story of the original in a way that is both fresh and respectful.

Porco’s debut feels like the horror equivalent of getting a new James Bond. This is one of the rare instances where I really want a sequel to happen. The film ends with the promise of more bloody carnage to come and I for one can’t wait.