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Review: ‘For The Love of The Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween’ Documentary



This low budget UK documentary features a collection of talking heads made up of contemporary indie horror filmmakers. They give their praises to the film and Carpenter’s direction. They and the documentarians are all clearly hardcore fans of Halloween.

Unfortunately that creates an issue. There is a clear reluctance to talk about the film’s flaws and this prevents enough insightful critical analysis. When Halloween is talked about it is mostly surface level stuff that has already been heard before in past documentaries.

In between the extensive talking heads is a reenactment of an off-screen Halloween scene with an English garage doubling as a Haddonfield gas station. This helps to break up portions of the documentary. It could do with a tighter, more organised structure.

Another issue is that the documentarians clearly do not have the rights to use clips from Halloween which would have given this film a more professional look. They do however get around this issue by creating sequences of Michael Myers themselves which should be commended.

It would have been interesting for them to have tracked down someone involved in the original production of Halloween. Instead they delve into what makes it an effective horror movie.

Despite having “40 Years” in the title this short documentary does not examine the long history of the Halloween franchise. Instead it states what makes the first film great. This is a good watch for those who are not too familiar with the 1978 classic. However, decade long Halloween fans may find it to be just more of the same stuff heard in other Halloween documentaries. There is better insight in Red Letter Media’s commentary track for Halloween. Give this doc a watch though if you want to watch genre experts give their interesting thoughts on the movie.