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Review: ‘Malignant’ is an Over the Top Modern Day Slasher Movie



Review: 'Malignant' is an Over the Top Modern Day Slasher Movie

Inside all of us lives anger, maliciousness, and the like. We also all have internal voices that aren’t always kind when they speak. That’s the guiding force in Madison Mitchell aka Emily May.

Gabriel, a parasitic twin that is attached to our main character and lives within her is woken up by Madison’s abusive asshole boyfriend punching her in the stomach which causes her to stumble back and hit her head on the wall.

What ensues is a slow build up to the ultimate resurgence of Gabriel, who completely takes over the third act in a brutal body count that blew my mind both times I watched it.

The movie tackles darker themes such as the realities of mental health, child loss, oppression of women and abuse.

James Wan's Malignant 2021

Madison living with Gabriel inside of her head was conveyed as a strong symbol of mental health. He was the negativity that caused her to struggle with normality. He controlled her actions subconsciously and let her see reality how he wanted her to see it. She was living the life he wanted her to by suppressing her. But by the end, instead of continuing to be a prisoner, Madison took her life back and locked Gabriel in a literal prison cell, once again symbolizing her rise to being her own woman and breaking free from her mental prison.

Malignant is an over the top modern day slasher movie that paid homage to nineties horror which in my opinion is the second greatest decade for horror in history. The first is the eighties. But I am also biased because I grew up on nineties horror, so there is obviously a major nostalgic factor.

Reading the mixed reviews online was a rabbit hole I wish I did not go down because some people’s hostility towards the film I didn’t feel was necessary. Yes, we’re all entitled to our own opinions and views, but we can do it respectfully without taking a word dump on somebody’s art that they worked hard to make.

As for myself, I went into the movie with just an inkling of what to expect. Part of me was expecting a slasher film that played it safe. I am glad that part of me was wrong. I was one hundred percent surprised. It blew me away with the wild risks they took and their courage to be different. If you haven’t seen the movie, please watch it and don’t go in it to critique but to enjoy the film.