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Review: ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ Will Have no Problem Making Its Way Under Your Skin



Review: 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Will Have no Problem Making Its Way Under Your Skin

We need to talk about Kevin. No, really. We Need to Talk About Kevin is a 2011 film that show cases the reality of being a parent to a mass shooter. Based off the 2003 novel of the same name, director Lynne Ramsey is known for adapting books to film and she holds nothing back, per usual.

We have big name actors that have no problem bringing their emotion to the table. Happy couple Eva (Tilda Swinton) and Franklin (John C. Reilly) are shown struggling to raise their son Kevin (Ezra Miller). Eva is having a more difficult time than Franklin as we often see throughout the film. Ezra has a difficult time connecting with Kevin over the course of the film and Kevin is not making it any easier. The movie is shot in a very back and forth style. We start the film in present day and as we see Eva going through her daily motions, we see the chronological timeline of her life with Kevin and what has led up to what we know now.

We Need to Talk About Kevin has been nominated for and has won multiple awards since its release. Another example of the real life horrors we face today, it’s not gory and it doesn’t have to be to drive home the point. However, disturbing is an understatement. It will move you. It will make you think. It had one job and it did it beautifully. Focusing on the perspective of the mother of the “monster”, her desperation will truly break your heart. The film even addresses taking away the focus of Kevin with a single quote. “There is no point. That’s the point” and that’s all we need to know in regards to his mental health.

We Need to Talk About Kevin Tilda Swinton

Cinematically, the shots are beautiful and everything you are looking at has a point. Kevin conducts his mass murder with a longbow and the colors of the longbow are strategically placed in every scene. Every single song serves its purpose, even down to the stock music in a grocery store scene. The intercut shots are also always significant to the context. Even with all of the art involved, you will not find yourself feeling lost. The film does an amazing job at not making the clues difficult to find which can be a particular issue with these types of movies.

We Need to Talk About Kevin is one of the greatest explorations of psychosis and dissociation. It’s very difficult to discuss without giving too much away which also makes it hard to describe why it’s so important. Some fans of the “disturbing” genre may find themselves disappointed with the typical acts of violence that they are used to seeing but that should not stop you from giving this film a chance. It will have no problem making its way under your skin as you watch the horrors unfold. It leaves nothing to be desired for its subject matter. It’s not a movie that you’ll want to watch over and over again. For me personally, twice was more than enough. However, it is a movie that I strongly believe everyone should see. Even if you aren’t dealing with the aftermath of a psychotic child hell bent on making your life miserable.



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