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Review: ‘Pet Sematary’ Manages to Convey a Very Creepy and Foreboding Atmosphere



Review: 'Pet Sematary' Manages to Convey a Very Creepy and Foreboding Atmosphere

Adaptions of Stephen King books can vary wildly in quality. Depending on the direction and acting, a film based on his work can reach the cinematic heights of The Shawshank Redemption or the lows of Cell. The new Pet Sematary falls somewhere in the middle.

It manages to convey a very creepy and foreboding atmosphere. In this respect it actually surpasses the fun 1989 version. The script avoids predictability by veering off from the source material and offering a couple of unexpected twists.

The special effects appear to be mostly practical and are fairly impressive, especially during the horrific Zelda scenes. The cinematography is quite playful and the overall production feels like an old school 80s horror.

Pet Sematary 2019 Louis

The cast do a terrific job of keeping the viewer engaged. John Lithgow exudes his usual on-screen charisma as the well intentioned neighbor, Jud Crandall. Child actress Jeté Laurence plays daughter Ellie and should be commended for carrying the final act of the film.

Despite these positive aspects, Pet Sematary also has its flaws. People familiar with the story will know that there is an important truck collision scene. In this version the sequence is an over the top CGI spectacle that does not fit with the tone of earlier scenes.

The derivations from the source material work to an extent but the new climax is a bit of a letdown. By the end it feels more like Pet Sematary 2, which is a shame as the build-up keeps viewers on edge up until then.