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Review: ‘The Predator’ Has Enough Explosions and Severed Limbs to Give Some Momentary Fun



Review: 'The Predator' Has Enough Explosions and Severed Limbs to Give Some Momentary Fun

The first Predator film worked so well because it had a simple premise executed by professionals. The script was tight and suspense always lingered in the jungle air. This 2018 sequel/reboot does not have any of the things that made the original great. This is bizarre since both share the same screenwriter.

One of the few impressive things about The Predator is its action set pieces. These scenes do not shy away from showing graphic violence. However, even this gets old as the film begins to drag.

The visuals are pretty cool especially when we get to see the alien technology. The score is also good, borrowing music cues from the original to give it the same atmosphere.

The Predator Choke

The characters are incredibly stupid. How are we supposed to root for the leads when they jump onto flying spaceships without a plan and then look surprised at the prospect of falling off?

Everything builds to an uninteresting final battle between our boring main character and a Super Predator. Once that is over and done with we get a sequel bait scene promising more of the same.

The Predator is a total mess. It has comedy that isn’t funny, characters who are annoying or uninteresting and a confused mishmash of ideas. When the action comes it has enough explosions and severed limbs to give some momentary fun. However, this isn’t enough to save audiences from the muddled plot.



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