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Review: ‘Spree’ is Bloody Slaughter-Fest With a Provocative Message



Review: 'Spree' is Bloody Slaughter-Fest With a Provocative Message

The 2020 horror film Spree follows 23 year old Kurt Kunkle (Joe Keery), who for the past 10 years has been making content on the Internet in an attempt to go viral and become a successful influencer. However, this past decade has shown little to no change in his views, which barely make it past double digits. Now, Kurt Kunkle has developed a sinister plan to go viral. He calls this plan “The Lesson”. The film provides a provocative commentary on the current age of internet celebrities and their influence on the youth, as well as the youths mindset of following harmful celebrities. This film shows the very real and dark truth that if you do something outrageous enough, people will watch.

The film is well shot with each scene being seen through a dash cam, a go pro, an iPhone, or security camera footage. This technique makes the film feel like a genuine series of murders edited together through whatever footage is available. That unique style really stuck with me. The world and characters also feel horrifically real, and I love that. The film takes place in 2019 California. Everything seems real and genuine and it really doesn’t feel like they built anything for this set. It is simply in the real world.

On the topic of characters, they were all written and acted to be very realistic and it was executed perfectly. Some of the Spree riders Kurt picks up are a bit overplayed and overdramatic in my opinion, but it hardly takes you out of the film. There are some genuinely outrageous and dramatic people out there. David Arquette co-stars in this film as Kris Kunkle. Kurt’s father. He owns the part well and you barely recognize him as David Arquette. Instead, you see him as only this deadbeat wannabe DJ father.

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The biggest MVPs of the cast are Joe Keery and Sasheer Zamata as Jessie Adams, a popular stand-up comedian who crosses paths with Kurt in an interaction that sets him further on his dark path. Sasheer owns this role and really brings the character to life and adds even more to this film feeling too real.

Joe Keery as Kurt just feels like it was meant to be. He truly brings this character to life in every possible way. His look, his stance, and the way he speaks are all a strong 180 from his role as Steve Harrington in “Stranger Things” and it’s truly mesmerizing to see him in this role. In all honesty I think Joe Keery is deserving of an award for this one.

The director of this film, Eugene Kotlyarenko really just goes full throttle in characters, story, and message. The film truly makes you question ethics, mental health, and how someone like Kurt could have been prevented from going down a murderous path. It is truly reminiscent of the real life Isla Vista massacre of 2014 with Elliot Rodgers. Kurt Kunkle is still very different from Elliot Rodgers, especially considering Kurt’s background which has a lot of odd details the writers and director added in. In some ways you kind of feel bad for Kurt, but then you remember all the things he’s done on his horrifically bloody murder spree.

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Speaking of blood this film delivers only about a cup or two of it, but the kills are just as effective. The best way to put it would be that what this film leaves out on gore it delivers highly on imagination. That good old “off screen” or “cut off right before” style editing, where you don’t always see the kill. Some kills, however, you see on full display.

The extra details to make this film feel real are above and beyond what you’d expect, both on screen and off. On “KurtsWorld96” Instagram page you see many videos of Joe acting as Kurt going through everyday life, even going as far as making a full “Draw My Life” as Kurt. This sort of detail really makes me love this film even more, making it my personal favorite of 2020.

Overall I feel like horror fans would enjoy Spree as a modern, sleek, provocative, and very bloody film.

Spree is now available to purchase on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital.



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