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Review: ‘Terrifier’ is One of the Most Unnerving, Pure Horror Films of the Year



Terrifier Art the Clown

Just when you thought the concept of a killer clown had been all used up, here comes one of the most unnerving, pure horror films of the year.

Two women are terrorised on Halloween by Art the Clown, a black and white painted harlequin who gets covered in more and more blood splatter as the night progresses.

What makes Terrifier stand out from other killer clown movies is the sheer horrifying nature of Art. He’s pure nightmare fuel. He is a character that will literally get under your skin. His disturbing smile and unpredictability make him one of the most interesting characters to come out of the horror genre in quite some time.

The violence is unashamedly gratuitous. Where some films would have a character shot once in the head, here they are shot six times as we see their face pop on screen. In Terrifier the death scenes go that extra mile. They are gleefully grisly and showcase how effective modern practical effects can be.

Art the Clown

The filmmakers do their best to subvert our expectations while still keeping the story grounded. We have no idea what Art will do next.

Damien Leone shows great promise as a director. The cast also do a terrific job. It goes without saying that David Howard Thornton is the star of the show as Art.

Terrifier is horrific while still being able to pull off moments of dark humour. It doesn’t waste any time in long set-ups. It gets right down to business with a short build up and long chase between a screaming woman and a demented clown.

It takes the slasher sub-genre back to its roots, before it became diluted by hybrid genre and Wes Craven inspired meta-humour. It’s a fun thrill ride ideally watched with friends after a couple of drinks.



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