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Review: The Crow Has Some of the Greatest Action Scenes Put On Film



When people talk about The Crow starring Brandon Lee, usually the first thing they talk about is how he died in the making of the film. If you’re expecting the same old tired discussions about Brandon’s death, please go and read something else.

Based on James O’Barr’s 1989 comic book, I actually feel that the film takes it to another level. Eric’s character has a very humorous side, but when it’s time to reek havoc, he becomes so dark and deranged. Brandon Lee’s facial expressions are piercing, especially that evil smile when he’s just about to take down his enemies with vengeance. I have to mention the face make-up, the long black leather jacket, and his boots, all those ingredients create such a powerful on screen character, pure quality to watch in all action scenes.

The most epic scene for me has to be when Eric transforms into The Crow, accompanied with music by the band (The Cure – Burn), which just adds to the impact of Eric’s dramatic change into our hero of vengeance. The whole scene is full of pure emotion, watching Eric walk to the window with a black crow resting on his shoulder is very sinister. We then see an amazing frontal shot of Eric looking out of the window towards us from outside his building, the camera then pulls away from the shot in the rain and thunder lighting up Eric’s face revealing flashes of The Crow make-up. Just thinking about it now gives me goosebumps.

The Crow Eric

The Crow’s cinematography is outstanding, mind blowing, epic, and there’s always the feeling of the unexpected. I mean, did you ever expect the amazingly powerful end scene? Such a beautifully shot moment. But The Crow does have some of the greatest action scenes ever put on film, including the warehouse gun fight with Top Dollar played by (Michael Wincott), which is one of the most satisfying and explosive parts in film history. And not to forget, the film has some fantastic imagery, including Eric lighting a flame in the symbol of a Crow, which resembles an angel.

Some of the most rewarding parts of the film are the death scenes, each villain meets their timely death in such extreme ways. All of which are very satisfying to watch, and each villain is punished in some very creative situations. Surprisingly, there isn’t a whole lot of blood, but really it’s not missed. The action packed moments are taken to another level and blood really isn’t needed at all. The Crow is a very dark, very emotional journey, which will keep you gripped to the final scene.

Alex Proyas has directed a few good films, but The Crow has to be his best work. It’s a shame that we lost Brandon at such a young age, he had so much more to give in his acting career. I would of loved to see Alex Proyas direct and Brandon Lee star in the sequels.

If we do see The Crow remake come to light, we can be sure that it won’t be able to catch the lightening in a bottle for the second time, it’s impossible. No one will be able to match Brandon Lee’s performance in Alex Proyas 1994 classic.