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Review: ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is a Half Baked Slasher Film



Reviews: 'There's Someone Inside Your House' is a Half Baked Slasher Film

I was given the opportunity to watch Netflix’s latest horror outing, a slasher film, my favorite. Let’s get into it!

Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House is the adaptation of a novel by the same name helmed by Patrick Kack-Brice (Creep, Creep 2) in the directors chair as well as a screenplay written by Henry Gayden (Shazam, Spider-Man 3).

Netflix’s latest horror film There’s Someone Inside Your House is what could be described as a half baked slasher film. There’s some cool stuff here, the killer is cool (and not without a great motive), and the cinematography and visuals are for the most part well done. However, the films writing hardly puts forth the emotional depth and heart that it tries to front. There’s a lot here I should care about that I simply… don’t.

The biggest problem this film suffers from is a lack of care and substance put into the characters. It all feels very soulless. So much so that the ending really had no weight to it. The whole film feels like some witty modern twist on Scream (1996) but with none of the charm.

There's Someone Inside Your House Netflix

I will say some of the film’s writing is quite witty and there are a few enjoyable moments with the characters. The killer is also enjoyable to watch and has an original and creepy gimmick to the way he or she operates. However, that all hardly makes up for the film’s dragging feeling and soulless characters.

Overall, Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House really could have been great. Instead, it’s a half baked attempt at witty and timely slasher film. When it comes to Netflix horror, I’ll probably stick to some of their Mike Flanagan films and Fear Street adaptations.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is streaming on Netflix on October 6th, 2021.

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