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Review: ‘Uncle Peckerhead’ (2020) – Best Punk Rock Cannibal Movie of the Year



Review: 'Uncle Peckerhead' (2020) - Best Punk Rock Cannibal Movie of the Year

It might be a slim category, but Uncle Peckerhead wins by a mile. This is the best punk rock horror movie featuring a cannibal roadie in all of 2020. It’s been one hell of a year, and Uncle Peckerhead is one hell of a movie.

It’s a great group watch. Unfortunately, those aren’t allowed right now. We’re all waiting on a vaccine right now so we can get back to watching movies together. Because we all know damn well the laughs are bigger and the screams are louder when we’re allowed to take it all in as an audience. This movie’s great for individual viewers, sure. But it’s perfect for watching with the kinds of friends that bring out our best and most gigglish. There’s great friendship on screen, and it’ll make you want to high five all your best buds. So, maybe, save it until after quarantine? But also, watch it right now, it’s fantastic.

This is a movie about a band called Duh. Judy is their plucky self-starter lead singer and bassist. She’s joined by Max, the bearded and huggable guitarist of the bunch. Mel plays drums and she’s the snarky one. It’s awesome to be watching a horror movie and realize you like everyone in the story. There’s something about Judy’s optimistic outlook that makes you want the best for her. Max is the kind of guy you’d want making your pancakes when you’re hung over. And Mel can take the piss outta some jerk better than anybody’s business. That’s why this is such a group watch. It’s a gang of fun friends, and they’ll make you want to be with your fun friends.

Uncle Peckerhead 2020 Bloody Still

Why’s the band called Duh? “Because James Taylor was taken,” says Mel. I’m so onboard.

Like any punk band worth their salt, Duh is not worth their salt. They’re dead and buried broke. But this is such a critical time for them! Their demo is totally kickass, and if they could just get the right exposure (and a couple bucks), they’d be well on their way. So Judy is jumping at any hole-in-the-wall that’ll book Duh. She’s kind of the manager of the bunch, and there’s a lot of pressure on her shoulders. What makes matters worse is their van getting repo’d. Now how are they going to get on the road for their make-or-break tour?

That’s where Peckerhead stumbles into the story. He’s a past-middle age vagrant with a van. And while Duh can’t afford to rent the van, they can’t turn down the ride. So Peckerhead’s their new roadie. And he’s the man. He’s out there selling merch, making tons of money for them, everybody loves him. Everybody, that is, except for Judy. Something’s off about him, at least to Judy. She’s not quite sold.

And then, obviously, things take a hard turn. We learn more about Peckerhead, and we learn that he’s capable of some pretty gruesome stuff. In fact, every night at midnight, good ol’ Peck turns into a hungry, evil demon dude and goes chomping people’s heads off. It’s brutal, but that’s just him. Like some sort of human Mogwai, he’s practically cute and cuddly by daylight. But if he’s not sedated by the stroke of midnight, it’s going down and it’s going to be ugly.

Uncle Peckerhead 2020 Bloody Image

The friendships are definitely the star here, but they share the spotlight with some pretty impressive gore. There’s blood flying every which damn direction. And folks, ya love to see it. Look out for the scene wherein Duh’s rival band gets on Peckerhead’s bad side.

What I loved most about this movie is how it ran the gamut from silly to sinister. It’s got its tender moments, it’s got its frightening moments, and it’s got its pee-your-pants funny moments. Diarrhea sprays all over this one guy. Uncle Peckerhead: 5/5 stars, check it out for free on Vudu or with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Nobody calls him Uncle Peckerhead, which is confusing. If I’m wrong, let me know on Twitter @billreick.