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Review: Wolf Creek 2 Headed In Some Unexpected Directions



John Jarratt Wolf Creek 2

We get a gory, action packed opening. A couple of German backpackers are given a few scenes to introduce themselves. Then a relentless car chase takes up a large chunk of the movie. There are moments that are much more intense than the original.

There’s even a pretty effective jump scare. But there are also sequences so ridiculous that they feel completely out of place. For instance, when a group of CGI kangaroos run into the path of Mick’s truck and get splattered. It’s hilarious but does the Looney Tunes style scene really belong in the same movie where moments before Mick was trying to rape a woman next to her boyfriend’s decapitated corpse?

The danger with sequels is they run the risk of making us feel comfortable around the villain. They can become too likeable or comedic. Mick has become a lighter version of himself. We see him as more of a human being. But the scenes where he brutalises people are still savage and horrific.

Despite John Jarratt’s attempts to turn Mick’s evil chuckle into a sort of catchphrase he hasn’t yet become a caricature of himself or lost the deranged edge he had in the original. We get to see his creepy catacomb lair, which has quite a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 vibe.

Wolf Creek 2 Mick Taylor Cop

I was worried this film would be predictable but it headed in some unexpected directions. Between the chases and murders Mick and his chasee actually get to do a fair bit of acting.

The best scene in the movie by far is a rather revealing talky torture sequence where Mick and a victim become a sort of twisted version of drinking buddies. It adds a new dimension to him as a character. With the new Wolf Creek TV series out it will be interesting to see if more will be revealed about Mick and whether he continues to be such a strong modern horror monster.



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