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Sundance Film Festival 2022: 3 Horror Shorts You Should Watch



Sundance Film Festival 2022: 3 Horror Shorts You Should Watch

Sundance is HERE. Yes, it’s gone virtual, totally this year due to Omicron. But now you can attend and watch films from the comforts of your living room while eating pizza. 

Here are three horror shorts streaming at the Sundance Film Festival 2020 that you should watch. Particularly, if you are an aspiring horror filmmaker, writer, director, or a fun, weirdo cinephile who likes odd stuff.


Huella 2022

Huella,” directed and written by Gabriela Ortega, is about a flamenco dancer haunted by the apparition of a relative. She appears when needed, or…perhaps she was conjured? It features a fantastic dance sequence in a kitchen and an old computer monitor from the nineties that scared the shit out of me. Highly recommend!

Directed and written by Gabriela Ortega
Producer: Helena Sardinha
United States
14 minutes


Spider 2022

This 2008 Anniversary Comedy Short from Australia (written and directed by Nash Edgerton) is about a guy who goes too far with his jokes, like way too far. He means well, but, wow, talk about bad timing. If you want to direct gore, you’ll want to watch this short and analyze the end — after someone gets an eyeful. Even though I told you something surprising would happen, you won’t see it coming — that’s how well done it is. 

Also, there are no spoilers on an Anniversary Short! If you’re watching horror shorts at Sundance, I imagine it’s because you want to write and direct horror, so check out SPIDER because it tells a quick “love kills” story in under nine minutes with two surprising scares. 

Also, this short is tagged as a comedy short, not a horror short, which is pretty interesting because it suggests that the two horror bits are ‘sleight of hand’ jokes.

Directed and written by Nash Edgerton
Visual Effects: Mike Seymour
9 min


Night Bus 2022

Don’t steal from the elderly, you swine! “Night Bus” is a Taiwanese horror-animation short, written and directed by Joe Hsieh, about a bus trip that goes wrong, terribly wrong. Strange things happen, but it could very well be that the couple’s entwined psyche…is ‘creating’ violent disturbances…around them. Well, that’s how I saw it: It’s about a couple who share an illicit love, so illicit that it seemingly causes bizarre and destructive things to happen. Yes, that’s my theory on the short, otherwise, it’s a series of absurd events, which is not as interesting to me. It has to be psyche manifestation! 

Director and written by Joe Hsieh
Producer: Wan Lin Lee, Joe Hsieh, and Joe Chan
Taiwanese & Mandarin Chinese
20 min

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