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‘Cyst’ Trailer: Creature Feature Brings ‘Troll 2’ Actor George Hardy Back to Horror This June



'Cyst' Trailer: Creature Feature Brings 'Troll 2' Actor George Hardy Back to Horror This June on VOD and DVD

Director Tyler Russell‘s new creature feature horror flick Cyst is coming to VOD, digital, and DVD home video on June 21st, and just ahead of the film’s release next week, an official trailer (embedded below) featuring Troll 2 actor George Hardy has made its way online. We have also included an awesome piece of artwork for Cyst within this post.

The film has the following synopsis:

An enthusiastic plastic surgeon will stop at nothing to patent his latest cyst-removal machine. What started out as Patricia the nurse’s last day turns into a battle for survival when the doctor’s machine inadvertently turns a patient’s tumor into a cyst-monster that terrorizes the office.

Eva Habermann (“Lexx”), Greg Sestero (The Room), Jason Douglas (“The Walking Dead”), Gene Jones (No Country for Old Men), Darren Ewing (Troll 2), Torren Davis (Humans vs. Zombies), Terri Merritt Bennett (Abel’s Field), Keturah Branch (Li’l Mayne and the Knuckleheads), Francesca Santoro (“Ghosthunters”), Brianna Anderson (Soccer Mom Madam), and newcomer Jim Clinton, with Special makeup effects artist Kyle Roberts playing the role of the cyst monster.

Are you going to be checking out Cyst next Tuesday? If so, are you excited for Troll 2 actor George Hardy’s return to horror? As usual, you can let us know the answers to both questions down in our comments section below this post.

Russell crafted the script with Andy Silverman.

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