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‘Deinfluencer’ Trailer: Jamie Bailey’s Horror Thriller Described as “Nerve Meets The Strangers”



'Deinfluencer' Trailer: Jamie Bailey's Horror Thriller Described as "Nerve Meets The Strangers"

Filmcore and Black Manadala have just released a trailer for writer/director Jamie Bailey‘s new horror thriller Deinfluencer, which critics are describing as “Nerve meets The Strangers“.

Deinfluencer does not currently have a release date in place, but an update will be posted to the Dark Universe website once we have official confirmation.

The film kicks things off when:

“Kelly wakes up to every young girl’s nightmare. She is being held hostage by a masked kidnapper and needs to complete a series of social media challenges to ensure her safety. Things get more complicated when Kelly has to fight not only for her life, but also for the lives of other young women she is holding hostage with. But the masked kidnapper has a hidden agenda for her.”

Mem Ferda produced, with Michael Kraetzer, Nicolás Onetti, Sayf Aram, and Rabia Mustafa attached to the project as associate producers.

The film stars Simon Phillips (Age of the Living Dead), Marie Luciani-Grimaldi, Caylin Turner (This Was America), Iyore Edegbe, and Anne-Carolyne Binette (World Ends at Camp Z).

Are you a fan of horror flicks featuring villains in clown masks? If so, will you be checking out Deinfluencer when it debuts? You can share your comments with us down in our Disqus section below this article.

You can check out the trailer below.

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