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‘Flesh of the Void’ Psychedelic Trailer Will Visally Mindfu*k You



Director James Quinn’s Flesh of the Void is currently in production, and the film just debuted its first official trailer. If you’re into strange, weird and dark sh*t, then you might dig two minutes of psychedelic footage. The feature will explore “what it could feel like if death really were the most horrible thing one can experience.

Sodom & Chimera Productions says that “the film was shot almost entirely on expired Super 8 film from the ’80s, and is intended as a trip through the deepest fears of human beings, exploring its subject in a highly grotesque, violent and extreme manner.” They also note that it’s “80-minutes of pure Hell,” playing out like a “non linear, psychedelic nightmare.

If you like your horror straight and rational, this is not for you,” they warn. But “if you’re a fan of surreal mindfuck like Begotten, Subconscious Cruelty or similar experimental films, you should have your fun with it. In the end, death has no story line. Death is a state.

Check out the Flesh of the Void trailer below if you like this kinda stuff!

Flesh of the Void Poster



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