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New ‘Bloody Hell’ Trailer Promises Funny and Dark Horror-Comedy



New 'Bloody Hell' Trailer Promises Funny and Dark Horror-Comedy

Bloody Hell! The Horror Collective released a new trailer and poster for the horror-comedy Bloody Hell (review here) this week to mark its release at Drive-in Theaters and video On-Demand on January 14th.

Directed by Alister Grierson and written by Robert Benjamin, Bloody Hell is quite a ride. It’s the story of an ex-military dude who finds himself in a House of Horror after being released from prison. But what kind of horror or monster? Vampires? Zombies? Werewolves? 

Well, the worst sort of monster, a multi-headed and multi-dimensional one — a family, a family of monsters; so there’s a mommy monster, a daddy monster, sibling-monsters, and the golden child, the real terror of the family, the one who pulls the strings in a Finnish house of toxic enablers.

Bloody Hell stars Ben O’Toole (Detroit), Meg Fraser (Leech), Caroline Craig (The Hunting), Matthew Sunderland (The Luminaries), and Travis Jeffery (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales).

Ben O’Toole is incredible as Rex, a comedic-action role that’s part John McClane and John Wick with an extra dash of irreverence. O’Toole is a versatile, sensitive actor who can do drama, comedy, and kick-ass action; not many actors can play a tough guy and be funny at the same time, but he pulls it off with charisma to spare.

The entire Bloody Hell cast is stacked; everyone is exceptional, even the small role of a Finnish passenger (who only has a couple of lines), played by character actor Bryan Probets, is superb, when he warns Rex of dangers to come with a dead-eyed: “Are you freaking out yet?” 

Bloody Hell is brutal and super funny because of the excellent direction and the quality of the acting: Watching the family react to each other during a bizarre dinner scene is riveting because everyone is so good. Nothing is treated as a throw-away line. This is a cast that would be at home doing Ibsen or Pinter but are playing twisted psychopaths here in a fun, over-the-top horror-comedy — and yet, there is never a false moment. 

The Horror Collective is releasing Bloody Hell at select Drive-In Theaters and On Demand on January 14th, 2021

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