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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Trailer 2: Leatherface is Unleashed in Fresh New Footage from the Netflix Sequel



Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer 2: New Footage from the Netflix Sequel

Just ahead of next week’s premiere of director David Blue Garcia‘s Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel on Netflix, a new trailer has been floating around online containing some fresh new footage from the film. In the latest trailer, we are treated to even more scenes of an angry Leatherface unleashing his fury on those who have invaded his quiet town. You will also find two new images from the film embedded below as well.

If you some how missed it, you can watch the first trailer for the film right here.

Here is the official synopsis for the Netflix TCM sequel:

After nearly 50 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town.

The film stars Olwen Fouere, Mark Burnham as Leatherface, Elsie FisherSarah YarkinJacob LatimoreAlice KrigeNell HudsonJessica AllainSam DouglasWilliam HopeJolyon Coy, and Moe Dunford.

Did you enjoy the latest trailer for Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel? If so, what are you most excited about? As usual, you can post your thoughts on both questions down in our comments section below this article to let us know what you think.

David Blue Garcia directs from a script written by Chris Thomas Devlin.

Leatherface will fire up his chainsaw once again on Netflix on February 18th, 2022.

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Old Man Leatherface Image 2



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