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[Trailer] Short Splatter Film ‘Hospital Dumpster Divers’ Unleashes a Mutant Troll



[Trailer] Short Splatter Film 'Hospital Dumpster Divers' Unleashes a Mutant Troll

Director Anders Elsrud Hultgreen‘s short horror film Hospital Dumpster Divers is described as a bat shit crazy, medical waste themed, mini-monster splatter melted together as a practical special effects gore feast. On our first viewing, this thing immediately captured our interest.

You can check out the bonkers trailer for Hospital Dumpster Divers below, along with the film’s stunning poster design.

Synopsis: “Chaos breaks out at the hospital when a mutant dumpster troll is accidentally brought to life, as a result of shoddy waste management by the shuffle dancing young man Rasmus.

The film stars Thomas Aske Berg (Vidar the Vampire, Sister Hell and Autumn Harvest), Ingar Helge Gimle (Dead Snow: Red vs Dead, Morgenrøde/Dawn and Norsemen), Linda Tveiten and Sturla Alvsvag.

Hospital Dumpster Divers is coming soon to festivals throughout 2020.

Hospital Dumpster Divers Poster