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A24 Picks Up Animated Short “Hazbin Hotel” for Full Television Series



A24 Picks Up Animated Short "Hazbin Hotel" for Full Television Series

On Friday, August 7th, production company A24 (The Lighthouse, Hereditary, Midsommar) struck a deal with YouTube animator Vivienne Medrano to produce a television series based on Vivienne’s hit animation titled “Hazbin Hotel“. A show about Charlie, the princess of hell who is trying to rehabilitate sinners at her hotel appropriately titled “Happy Hotel” in hopes they will become cleansed of sin and go to heaven. The show is described as an adult black comedy and has been well received by critics since its debut on YouTube last October.

Additional information such as production dates, release date, additional talent, etc. is currently unknown but knowing A24’s track record, “Hazbin Hotel” is certainly going to a spectacle to view on television and will hopefully start the trend of indie YouTube creations being picked up for professional television production.

The series pilot of “Hazbin Hotel” is available to watch (below) for free right now. It is directed by showrunner Vivienne Medrano and written by Medrianno, as well as Dave Capdevielle and Raymond Hernandez.



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