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‘Among Us’ Makes Crewmates ‘Scream’ With Ghostface Cosmetics for All Players



'Among Us' Makes Crewmates 'Scream' With Ghostface Cosmetics for All Players

Ghostface is sus.

The pandemic turned out to be the tipping point for the social deduction multiplayer smash Among Us, taking a relatively small team at Innersloth Studios, once known for their Henry Stickmin Flash games, to a widely-released and beloved game. The solid-color Crewmates make their ways around the map, trying to get their tasks done, but one or more of them are Impostors who are looking to sabotage and slaughter their way to being the last one standing. Part Mafia, part The Thing, with a healthy dose of kangaroo court, the game truly is fun for all ages.

Today, with one full year to go until the sixth Scream film hits theaters, and less than a week until the fifth and most recent installment makes its way to Blu-Ray and DVD, Innersloth have announced that Scream’s iconic antagonist Ghostface will be immortalized via a cadre of cosmetic options in-game. These include the robe and the mask that made a lasting impression on the world of modern horror, and while wearing either of these items doesn’t automatically make one a killer, it may leave your friends looking over their shoulders.

In addition, Playstation players will get exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetics, while Xbox players can get their hands on Halo-themed garb for their Crewmates. The console exclusives are available in perpetuity, while the Scream cosmetics are available through April 30th across all platforms.



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