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‘Dead by Daylight’ Celebrates 50 Million Total Players with Mid-Chapter Update Announcement



'Dead by Daylight' Celebrates 50 Million Total Players with Mid-Chapter Update Announcement

Those who dwell in the Fog are well on their way to Dead by Daylight’s sixth anniversary, but bridging the gap between the gloriously creepy “Sadako Rising” chapter and the as-yet-unnamed chapter 24 is a substantial mid-chapter update. The announcement comes off the heels of the subsequent announcement that the asymmetrical horror smash has hit 50 million total players across all available platforms, owing to a dedicated fan base and consistent attention paid by the developers.

First, players will likely have to re-download the game upon the next update, as the amount of patches coming are too great to put out in a single update that would release at a given time. Enough segments of the code are being redone this time around that it’s going to be easier to destroy, rebuild until God (or The Entity) shows. Fortunately, the developers promise that this should streamline future updates and make them faster moving forward.

With a massive update usually comes tweaking and tinkering of a character in particular, and this time Ghost Face is getting such treatment. The Marked status now lasts longer, and will prevent the Marked Survivor from revealing Ghost Face’s Night Shroud. Several of his add-ons have been revamped to make using them more attractive, so those who like their stalking with a side of Undetectable will have plenty to crouch about soon.

If playing as Legion is more your bag, then you’re also in luck, as their power is getting a revamp as well. For one, each hit obtained during their Feral Frenzy will grant a stackable movement speed boost, and if a Killer can chain enough Feral Frenzy stabs to hit all four Survivors, then the fifth and final hit in the chain will immediately down the Survivor. The fatigue for the power is also reduced, and add-ons are being reworked, even so far as creating new chase music for the Mixtape add-ons used:

The Hemorrhage status effect will also now regress healing if the Survivor is not actively doing so. Medkits be damned!

Killers’ difficulty ratings will now be determined by three factors: mechanical skill, strategic skill, and uniqueness in regards to other Killers. Survivors will no longer have difficulty ratings, as they’re all more or less the same functionally speaking.

Finally, it will be the night that he came home… again. Haddonfield has gotten a massive facelift and will be re-enabled with the coming update. Expect it sometime in April, with the Anniversary following in June. Also, don’t forget about the Spring Cleaning event, which features login bonuses of Bloodpoints and more between now and Monday, April 4th.

See the full breakdown of the impending 5.7.0 update on the Dead by Daylight developer forum:



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