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‘SCP: Secret Files’ Gets New, Unsettling Gameplay Trailer and Steam Demo



Secure. Contain. Protect. For over a decade, the database for the fictional research laboratory of all the world’s most horrific, otherworldly creatures has been the stuff of internet legend. Since 2008, the SCP website has hosted descriptions for all manner of experiments, creatures, and even the self-effacing “Foundation Tales.” Steeped in horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy, this fictional society has seen adaptations in literature and video games, with a new episodic title coming very soon.

SCP: Secret Files puts players in the shoes and lab coat of a rookie researcher at the SCP Foundation. Before earning the ability to begin research, newbies must go through an intensive training course that promises to change their thinking and beliefs about nearly everything they know. Sanity comes at a premium when the world you think you know is challenged at every turn, and it’s up to the player to figure out what’s real and what’s anomalous, for the sake of themselves and the Foundation.

As part of Steam’s Next Fest, developers GameZoo Studio and publisher PixMain have a playable demo available now, for both new fans and diehard researchers to get a feel for this mystery-thriller take on the unsettling saga. Coming with the demo is a gameplay trailer which focuses on an unseen woman named Bella who apparently was in charge of a black box, presumably belonging to the Foundation and containing lord-knows-what. 

There is no release date set for SCP: Secret Files at this time, but the publishers hope to have the game out by year’s end. The game can currently be wishlisted on Steam.

Check out the game’s page on Steam, as well as the playable demo, here, and watch the gameplay trailer for Steam Next Fest below: