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The Victims of the Upcoming ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Game Have Been Unveiled



The Victims of the Upcoming 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' Game Have Been Unveiled

Not since the advent of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game have horror gaming fans had so much to look forward to, particularly with the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game. Gun Interactive are taking another swipe — as opposed to a stab — at the asymmetrical horror game with their take on the franchise that more or less shaped modern horror cinema. As we get closer to the release, the folks at Gun have fed fans more and more lore that ties their entry into the grand scheme of the branching source material, and their latest update introduces players to the Victims, the group of five friends who will face the Slaughter family to save a missing University of Texas student named Maria Flores.

Much like the Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game, each of the Victims has their own abilities and characteristics, which in turn dictate their playstyles. While the Survivors of Dead by Daylight can learn each other’s Perks and therefore become a little bit cookie cutter, each Victim plays differently. While Maria’s sister Ana is resilient and determined, the slightly diminutive Sonny uses his wits and intellect to complete objectives. Farm girl Connie is a craftier type, while wrestler Leland is the brawn of the operation, and Julie is the sportswoman who uses her athleticism to her advantage. 

Creative director Ronnie Hobbs goes deeper into the creation of the Victims, saying:

When you take care to build out the personalities of this group of diverse but connected people, all of whom are emotionally invested in the search for Maria and bringing their own unique experiences and strengths to the group, their in-game abilities start to form organically. You’ve put so much into who they are that you start to visualize how they are: How will they react? What would they do in this situation they find themselves in? From there, it really becomes a matter of design and iteration to take those attributes and traits from their backstories and into their ultimate role in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

No release date has been announced for the game yet, but Gun Interactive’s CEO Wes Keltner recently promised fans that they will see gameplay before the game is even available for pre-order, much less released in full. 

Read the full breakdown of the Victims at the game’s official website.

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