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[Video] We Play and Review Indie Horror Game ‘The Padre’ from Shotgun With Glitters



[Video] We Play and Review Indie Horror Game 'The Padre' from Shotgun With Glitters

Today we bring you a review and gameplay footage of The Padre, which is developed by Shotgun With Glitters and is published by Feardemic. Dark Universe’s Harvey Crews aka Vash shares his thoughts on one of the most unique looking indie horror games of 2019.

You can watch our video review of The Padre below.

Synopsis: “On the trail of a lost cardinal, The Padre soon finds himself alone and without his demon-slaying tools inside a dreary mansion where a larger supernatural power is at play. But fear not! The dark and striking atmosphere is often cut by the wicked humour of the witty Padre. You will need to use your brains to solve challenging puzzles, as well as your brawns to fend off monsters, all while trying to unravel the mysteries of the mansion and your own dark past.

The Padre is released on April 18th, 2019, for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.