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Dark Universe Halloween Season: Halloween: The Inside Story



Halloween: The Inside Story

We can’t continue our Dark Universe Halloween Season without a bit of Michael Myers throughout October. If you’re a fan of Michael Myers, then you might of heard of Halloween: The Inside Story, which is an awesome full length documentary about John Carpenter’s original 1978 horror classic. The documentary was released by the History Channel back in 2010, and features almost everyone involved with the film.

About Halloween: The Inside Story:

“When John Carpenter’s Halloween was released in 1978 it changed the face of the horror genre forever. It achieved phenomenal success, capturing the imagination of a generation and became the most profitable film of its time. The movie gave the producers a guaranteed chart-topping franchise as unstoppable as its central character – the masked killer Michael Myers. But how did the film come to be one of the classic pieces of modern cinema? With only a miniscule budget, a group of unknown actors, terrible reviews and little hope of financial success, the odds were stacked against the movie becoming a boxoffice smash. Here, BIOGRAPHYTM goes behind the scenes of Halloween to interview the stars of the film and the crew who turned a lowbudget horror film into one of the most famous movies in the horror genre. This is HALLOWEEN: THE INSIDE STORY.”

It’s time to turn off the lights, hit that play button, and enjoy 90 minutes of Michael Myers. Look out for more Dark Universe Halloween Season content all through October.



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