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Joseph Shepherd Channels His Inner Drew Barrymore With ‘Scream’-Inspired Music Video For “Don’t Call Me”



Joseph Shepherd Channels His Inner Drew Barrymore With 'Scream'-Inspired Music Video For "Don't Call Me"

Joseph Shepherd has made his online presence by way of his Exposed series, in which he interviews some of the legendary children who have appeared on RuPaul’s “Drag Race”. Most notable among these interviews is Willam Belli, season 4’s resident shit-stirrer who was disqualified for breaking the rules of the competition. Shepherd has become a must-see figure for fans of drag, and like so many of the performers on “Drag Race”, he is now parlaying this into a music career, and starting it off with a tip of the hat to a legendary film.

In the music video for his new song “Don’t Call Me,” the interviewer dons the visage of Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker, paying homage to the iconic cold open for Scream. From popping popcorn on the stove to playing around with knives, Shepherd channels his inner Casey throughout, all the way up to the twist that Ghostface is actually Jimbo, the drag clown from season one of Canada’s “Drag Race” and the recently-wrapped RuPaul’s “Drag Race: UK vs The World”. The song itself is about a particularly sexually aggressive ex who insists on meeting up for one more time, but Shepherd’s persona wants nothing to do with him.

It’s a bubblegum pop bopper, sure, but Shepherd hits the references note for note, likening his annoying former flame to the stalking Ghostface. After all, a great deal of the LGBTQ+ community love horror, and this video is a fun crossover between queer culture and the slashed-up silver screen. He even pulls in Slashback Video for a nod to the old rental store days… and who else cringed a bit at hearing the phrase “late fees” again, after all this time?

See Joseph Shepherd’s “Don’t Call Me,” directed by Colton Tran, below:



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