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[Video] Christopher Nelson and Sean Clark Play the New ‘Halloween’ Pinball Machine



'Halloween' Pinball Machine: Christopher Nelson and Sean Clark Play It

If you were lucky enough to be at this year’s Flashback Weekend in Chicago, you probably noticed that the new Halloween pinball machine based on director John Carpenter‘s 1978 iconic slasher film was on display for public play, courtesy of our friends over at Spooky Pinball LLC.

For those of you who missed it the first time around, the company released a trailer for the Halloween Pinball Machine back in early July.

As previously noted by the company:

“Finally… the iconic horror film that started it all. Spooky Pinball LLC & Compass International Pictures are bringing the 1978 classic, John Carpenter’s Halloween to the PINBALL WORLD! Pick up a Spooky Pinball Fang Club membership to get early access to what may be the biggest SPOOKY PINBALL GAME EVER!!!”

For more details on where to get one of your own, visit the official Spooky Pinball website.

Have you had the opportunity to play this awesome new piece of kit yet? If so, what did you think of the product? As usual, you can sound off down in our comments section to let us know your thoughts.

You can watch a cool 5-minute video of the new Halloween pinball machine in action below, played by Horror’s Hallowed Grounds host Sean Clarke and Halloween 2018/Halloween Kills mask creator Christopher Nelson.



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